• Do you need Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) support for your federal grant?

  • Do you want to learn about AI/ML?

  • Do you need AI/ML training for your students and Postdocs?

Attenuex's team provides AI/ML technical, consultative, and training support for your federal or non-profit grants.

Our Team has many years of experience supplying grant outsourcing support, Primary and Co-Pi research personnel, as well as AI/ML training in both academic and commercial settings.

  • Research Grants (R series)

  • SBIR/STTR grants

  • Resource grants (various series)

  • Research Training /Fellowships (T&F series)

  • Career Development Awards (K series)

  • Program/Project Center Awards (P series)

  • Research Foundation Grants


  • Do you have a federal or commercial contract where you want to use AI or ML?

  • Don't have the personnel, knowledge, or Subject Matter Expertise to address the problem?

Attenuex's Team can provide:

  • AI/ML outsourcing support

  • AI/ML + Subject Matter Expertise who understand your domain and your problems

  • AI/ML consulting for feasibility, KPIs, cost, or ROI value estimation

  • Technical contract writing support

  • Commercialization consulting and support for transitioning and scaling your research to a commercial product or service