Most business leaders understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can be beneficial to their organization, but most aren't yet addressing the Must Do" quadrant above, e.g. 54% of the industries that fall into this quadrant haven’t implemented a popular AI/ML solution. Many of these industries currently have the potential to adapt AI/ML technologies and many expect to adopt these technologies in next five years. Are you one of them?

  • Do you REALLY understand AI/ML? It's immediate and long-term value proposition? Pitfalls?

  • Do you have Subject Matter Experts (SME) with AI/ML knowledge? Or just Engineers 'doing' AI/ML?

  • Do you know how good your current AI/ML systems are?

  • Could they be improved via consulting from SMEs versed in AI/ML saving more time or money?

Attenuex can help you:

  • Understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using a first principles approach, What problems AI/ML excel at in your domain, What problems they aren't good at solving, and How they can generate success for your organization

  • Provide Subject Matter Experts who understand your domain specific problems and AI/ML

  • Develop expert designed AI/ML strategies for your organization or AI/ML solutions for your processes or systems

  • Develop AI/ML KPIs, MVPs, ROIs, and Production-at-Scale estimates for value and cost

  • Develop and sustain AI/ML talent in your organization through virtual, on-site, or individual trainings