• Do you want to design and deploy HIPAA, FERPA, or FIPS compliant environments and experiments requiring hundreds or thousands of high-end processors in short timeframes?

  • Do you want to create access to secure, unified, sharable high performance computing environments for research faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students internally or across institutions?

  • Do you not want to worry about buying, administering, or scaling large amounts of services, hardware, or infrastructure needed for your research?

The benefits of using the Cloud in higher education are myriad, yet the learning curve can be daunting.

Attenuex provides expert Cloud support for various academic, commercial, and government Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. Our engineers have over 10 years experience designing, implementing, and managing numerous Cloud services that support SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS models. We also provide training, consulting, and administrative support for those that either wish to learn how to administer these resources on their own or folks who wish to free up their time by outsourcing the administration of their Cloud resources to Attenuex.