How do you go from knowing nothing about AI to building and using an AI/ML solution in your organization? Attenuex has a six-step process to help you evaluate your project requirements, determine the applicability of using AI/ML, explain how AI/ML could be used in your solution, estimate the success and value of an AI/ML solution, build, launch, and evaluate an MVP system, and finally how to design and scale your solution to a production-ready AI/ML system.


Using Business Process Management and other techniques like process mining, Attenuex will analyze your current project and company strategy to determine if AI/ML is the right fit. If it is the right fit, we move on to the Solution Review step. If it is not, we will suggest better solutions that hopefully are less expensive or costly in regard to time or energy.

Solution Review

If AI/ML is a good fit, Attenuex's AI/ML and Subject Matter Experts will then identify and define potential AI/ML solutions that address the pain points and goals of the project. We will show you how the proposed solution will increase the performance or improve the results of the existing process or system and how adding AI/ML could improve the outcome of future goals or systems.

Value Estimation

Many AI/ML projects fail because of poor or insufficient data, lack of AI/ML or Subject Matter Expertise, or lack of resources. Once possible AI/ML solutions are identified, Attenuex's AI/ML and Subject Matter Experts work with you to identify any potential shortfalls and predict the projected value of the proposed project before it's built so you do not spend any more money on something that does not look promising.

Selection & MVP Build

Once approval is given to move forward with an AI/ML solution, Attenuex's AI/ML and Subject Matter Experts will choose the right AI/ML solution, identify the required data for training and implementation, and build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). If you do not have the right data for the AI/ML solution to work properly, Attenuex's AI and Subject Matter Experts will work with you to either transform existing data into the right format or work with you to find the right data to use for the project.


After an AI/ML MVP is built, trained, and tested, Attenuex's AI/ML and Subject Matter Experts will work with you to launch an initial small-scale pilot project to verify assumptions around the problem, the data, and the AI/ML solution. The initial value proposition and viability of the AI/ML solution can then be verified internally to determine if the solution should be scaled-up and rolled out as a production-level service or system.

Scaling & Launch

After analyzing and reviewing the results of MVP, Attenuex's staff will define and review a product roadmap with you for how to turn the AI/ML MVP into a production or commercial service or product. This includes building a set of requirements, a development roadmap, and a scaling goals and requirements document to turn your MVP into commercial-ready solution.